About Us

Living in 2023, Hair Fall is one of the major and common issues faced by today’s modern-day youths. This is not just a serious growing problem but is making youths feel less confident in themselves. Seeing this, two friends decided to bring some unique solution to the market and made their goal that from now onwards not even a single person will ever suffer from Hair Loss. And this led to the foundation of Hair Buddy.

Hair Buddy is a Youth-Centric brand launched by two IITIANS to provide the best Hair Fall solutions in the market. Hair Buddy provides both Surgical as well as Non-Surgical Hair Transplant solutions and is the pioneer in the industry. We also deal with Men Wigs and extensions for girls of all types and colors. Not only this, Hair Buddy will be launching their product portfolios such as shampoos, serums, conditioners, combs, etc. which will be exclusive for people suffering from Hair Loss. Within just 3 months of launch, the Startup is already in line to become a full-fledged company.

Come and join the HairBuddy Club and get an opportunity to experience the unique transformation "From Bald to Bold"